Art of Finger painting

For artists, inspirations can come from anywhere, and any object can become their tools to create art! Was amazed by artists and their creations where they did not even need a paintbrush or any gadgets.

Using just their fingers and a splash of colors, what could one create?

Sharing some of the artwork across artists and from around the world!

Was amazed by these finger paintings, especially the ones by Iris Scott 🙂

Finger Painting by Iris Scott

In the one below, the color selection, shades and the way the depth and reflections are created is amazing!

The one below feels like she is paving her own path in search of something even more beautiful.. 🙂

Finger painting with oil paints.. the shades and depth seen in the features of the horse reflecting its expression is just beautiful!

Another Iris Scott painting of a lady.. looks so natural..!

Finger Painting by Iris Scott

The depiction of water with tiny ripples and waves and shades of the houses make it look so natural.. forget for a second that it is still finger painting 🙂 Someone needs to write a befitting poem for this picture!

Finger painting by Iris Scott

Simple base colors creating shades depicting a rainy day with leaves fallen all around the trees, getting blown around the other side of the road as well.. beautiful..! This picture made me want to try finger painting again..!

Step aside you may get drenched feeling sets in, making me smile! Love the ripple effects and puddles of water and the distinct difference in depicting the drops of water that are sporadically dispersed around.. yet to blend with the rest of the puddle on the ground! Beautiful…!!!

By Iris Scott

Have you tried finger painting? Do share your favorite pictures and artists and post them in the comments!

We get to choose the field to bring out the artist in us!

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