Rasamalai cake

Delicious cake by a local entrepreneur!

My friend invited me for a Diwali party with a new circle of friends.

Wonderful group, lively conversations and lot of positive vibes 🙂 Enjoyed spending the evening with them!

One of them had ordered Rasamalai cake and all of our discussions revolved around it before, during & after dessert!

Rasamalai is an Indian sweet dish made with Indian cottage cheese or paneer discs. 

Rasmalai – Hello India Restaurant and Lounge

This is a cake tastes like Rasamalai and has pieces of Rasamalai in the topping to remind us of the original flavor!


These cakes are made by a local entrepreneur who lives in the same community. Although I have never met her, realized how much the taste of her cakes have influenced very many lives in and around the community.

While everyone was looking forward to samplers for her specialty cakes, the discussion ended with all of us planning a series of get togethers and ordering one of her specialty cakes for each occasion! Feel the holiday spirit in the air!

Loved the way a local entrepreneur gets supported by her community of friends and well wishers!

Would be great to meet her sometime 🙂

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