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Got to visit a college dorm today. Was nice to see the writings on the walls & reminder boards!

While there were many impressive ones across different floors and hallways, one of them specifically caught my attention.

Right near the elevator, where students get bored waiting, was this reminder board of good values.

What is written on it?

  • Treat people with kindness
  • Email a former teacher who impacted you
  • Spend 30 minutes doing something you love today
  • Pay it forward. Buy coffee for the next person in line.
  • Make Kindness an everyday thing
  • Compliment someone you talk to today
  • Write a positive review for your favorite small business
  • Reach out to that family member or friend you have been meaning to call

Such a simple way to setup a reminder board, capturing attention and forcing people to read at least one of the sentences and contemplate while waiting for the elevator to come up.

It did make us smile. Reading the list on the board did make us smile. It calmed us down. We were no longer anxiously waiting for the elevator – but were relaxed and thoughts drifted to something positive. A teacher who helped us, paying it forward, the memories when someone helped us or we got to help someone else and the like 🙂

Sometimes it is just as simple as that to switch your mindset from an anxiousness to relaxation!

Loved the concept of the reminder board and the strategic placement near an elevator 🙂 Kudos to whoever planned it!

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