Santa and his reindeer

While conversing with a bunch of elementary school kids, we got into a debate about how many reindeer does Santa’s sleigh have? Interesting conversation followed 🙂

Listening to children’s perspectives of Santa and their wild imagination, their hope and optimism, their faith moved me 🙂 That kind of child-like innocence has a huge effect on our day to day lives… to touch our souls and make us feel like a child again! The day went by day dreaming about Santa and his miracles.. 🙂

The children got into a debate about how many reindeer does Santa have? I gave them an exercise to bring me a picture of Santa with his reindeer and a variety of pictures (all googled of course :)) followed! Santa standing with Rudolph, Santa with 6 reindeer, Santa with 8 reindeer and a variety of them..! Every child who brought their picture felt theirs was the best and that was the number of reindeer that were on Santa’s sleigh!

Found this picture of Santa with his nine reindeer online! Was interesting that I could not find very many pictures of Santa with his nine reindeer though!

Kids could relate to one or more of the reindeer when we chatted about what made each of them unique!

For those of you who do not know the names of the nine reindeer on Santa’s sleigh…

  1. Rudolph – The red nosed reindeer who has a song dedicated to himself leads the way and helps Santa find the way. Every kid has something that makes them unique. Rudolph has a red nose that glows 🙂
  2. Prancer – The light-footed reindeer is the most graceful reindeer in the herd
  3. Dasher – The fastest reindeer of the herd. When Santa needs go faster, Dasher helps him out
  4. Cupid – The reindeer who spreads love and cheer
  5. Dancer – Being very agile, Dancer prides to be Santa’s dance partner
  6. Vixen – The most mischievous of the herd, known by all as the prankster
  7. Comet – The most easy-going of the herd and loved by all. Some reindeer say Comet is a charmer
  8. Donner / Donder – The best reindeer who can sing carols. Prides to be Santa’s favorite carol singer
  9. Blitzen – The reindeer fills the place with energy and can charge everyone up. Santa’s favorite lightning energy reindeer

All of us have something unique we bring to the table. We just need a Santa or someone like him to identify our potential and put it to use! Next time you see someone be nice to them and say something nice about them! Make them smile with a kind word about their personality…. who knows they will do great things with just a bit of encouragement!

Singing Christmas carols with kids is always enjoyable… I look forward to these moments of happiness!

A day well spent! Looking forward to another…!

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