Secret Santa

Have you ever played Secret Santa? It is a simple, fun filled game that can be lots of fun!

Secret Santa is a fun game for all ages.

Who can play the game?

A group of friends, family, office colleagues, classmates can play the game. It is a nice game to get to know different people in a group, their interests, their likes and dislikes.

How to play the game?

  1. Write the list of all the group members and assign (or pick from a bowl) one person to each member of the group. The name that is assigned to you needs to be kept a secret till the day of the event, making you their Secret Santa
  2. Event date is set and announced to everyone – typically 1-2 days before Christmas.
  3. A budget is set – say $10 or $20 typically
  4. Everyone has to stick to the budget and buy something for the person whose name would be assigned to them as their Secret Santa
  5. Wrap your gift and put them under a tree (or ship it to them ahead of time).
  6. On the day of the event, everyone gets to open their gifts and try to guess who could have been their Secret Santa

It is a fun game to play and what we get or give each other as gifts tells a lot about the relationship!

Every time we play it with a different group of people, we discover different aspects about our relationships, likes and dislikes and get to form a new bond with the groups we play with.

If you are used to playing this game with your office colleagues, try to play it with your cousins or school friends, or college friends, or community friends 🙂 The whole experience will be so different making it fun & lively during the holiday season!

So, are you someone’s Secret Santa this year? How was the experience? Share them in the comments below!

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