TGIF – Weekend shares

Moments that we could all relate to and smile 🙂

Children these days… 🙂 It was funny to hear a friend’s daughter say this, and yet again, a moment of realization!

Pin on school

Grandparents and their frustration 🙂 after reading the cloud post – one grandparent from a common group shared this 🙂 read the original post ->


Caring friends… well.. sometimes it can be a bit too much! One of my childhood friends shared this when she read the post ->

Wholesome comic | Comics, Funny memes, Wholesome memes

There are always two sides to the coin… and got to see it from both sides this week 🙂

The best comics memes :) Memedroid

Work place conversations are always interesting & they depict it so well…! Perfect way to showcase the generation gap!

It is always a pleasure to see someone read the articles we write and they turning out to be conversation starters and we end up laughing out aloud 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful moments and memories!

TGIF and have a great weekend!

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