Inspiring cloud formations

Cloud gazing is a favorite late Sunday afternoon hobby for many! Just looking at these formations brings a smile on our faces! If we have a partner to name the shape and guess the next one, it forms lifelong memories!

If you have never tried this before, lie down on your terrace, or backyard on a Sunday afternoon and watch the clouds move, and try to give the shapes a name… try cloud gazing with your friend, partner, children, parents or grandparents, you will experience a kind of bonding!

What would you name these clouds as..? Share your response in the comments below! Would love to read yours…!

Mackerel | Weird cloud formations – & the science behind them - Travel

Sharing some interesting formations that inspired me!

1. Cat or Tiger?

20 Incredibly Shocking Cloud Formations Across The World

2. Are they mountains or clouds? Seems like the heaven has stepped down

International Cloud Atlas recognises 12 new types of clouds

3. Is that a portal opening and an angel flying down?

Unusual Cloud Formations occurring on Earth | Clouds, Mammatus clouds, Sky  and clouds

4. Powerful vacuum in the sky

These weird clouds in the sky : mildlyinteresting

5. White cotton fields in the sky

Perfectly Striped Clouds [2] - Imgur

6. Are these white blood cells in our body, or are they clouds?

10 Different Types of Clouds Formations And Their Meanings

7. Mountain formation in a valley – WOW 😊

Washington Post

8. Guardian Angel with wings – WOW 😊

12 Types of Cloud Formations That Prove Nature Is Fascinating

9. Waves in sky

Odd cloud formations spotted Wednesday morning

10. How wonderful is that tree in Arizona

Cloud Formations - Education - Lake Havasu City, Arizona - 1,822 Photos |  Facebook

11. Horse or Unicorn?

Amazing Nature: Clouds That Look like Animals ... | Beautiful nature,  Amazing nature, Instagram

12. Our very own Simba

17 Clouds ideas | clouds, nature, angel clouds

13. Where is it raining again?

Virga. Visible streaks of precipitation that evaporate before reaching the  ground. Sort of look like cloud commas or … | Clouds, Natural phenomena,  Beautiful nature

14. Reflections of cloud formations in water

Reflections-Amazing Cloud Formations

15. Where is the Horizon?

Clouds Sunset Sea - Free photo on Pixabay

Have a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Inspiring cloud formations

  1. Wonderful pictures! I remembered my trip to Madikere in Karnataka where there is a place called Tal kaveri. There the clouds are so low it is as if walking with them.

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