Moon gazing

Moon gazing is a calming hobby for many. Just looking at it makes us smile, wonder, and quietens our thoughts.

Gazing at a full moon can calm our minds and fill us with a huge sense of hope and gratitude!

Be they children being fed by mothers, people in love, or those who are stressed out, everyone ends up with a smile just by simply looking at the moon. There is only one other thing that has an equal effect of calming minds – Water (sounds of waterfalls and waves in the ocean!).

Joe Vs the Volcano movie scene describes it beautifully, anyone watching the movie will feel the emotional and a sense of gratitude fill us! Our worries seem very small compared to the HUGE presence we feel!

soul food movies: JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO
Joe Vs the Volcano movie

For those who have not watched the movie, watch the scene below! While it is a light hearted movie, this one scene is an emotional one!

Being April, Pink moon was photographed across the world and a good collection of these pictures can be seen at

Pink moon over Stonehenge from

Do step out during dawn or dusk to take a look at the moon, you will see it much bigger than the normal size with a tinge of color!

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