College decision day

May 1st is the college decision day! Any parent who has a graduating high school senior would understand how the next 24 hours would be!

Gear Up for National Decision Day | Fastweb

With the multitude of inputs from well wishers, teachers, counselors, administrators, college sessions, videos, emails, postal mails, processing all the inputs – realizing what matters most to make the choice based on your offers in hand.

We started with place, college, students, courses, campus, opportunities, work study, friends, jobs, internships, etc etc and finally on the day of actually making the choice – it just comes to down two parameters

  • Is the college the right fit for the student?
  • Can you financially afford it?

Everything else seems to fade away across the months of selection process!

My son would be deciding today! Wishing him good luck to choose wisely!

It is a moment of realization – we have given them the roots and wings, and it is time for them to fly!

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