Learning to plant a tree

Not planting a seed, or re-planting a small grown plant, planting a tree is an art in itself!

Got a Jane Magnolia tree 3-4 feet tall delivered home.

The stems are not green like in plants, they are thick and a shade of brown!

Step 1

Dig a hole twice as wide to fit that bottom bulb (soil + roots). The top of the bulb needs to be at the same level as the ground once it is planted.

Step 2

Mix some new and old soil and layer the bottom. Then place the bulb in the center and fill it with water.

Using a water hose is better to fill water. Let the water settle down and the pit needs to be half filled with water. Takes about 15 minutes at least.

Step 3

Mix the planting mix, new soil and old soil and pour it into the water filled pit.

Step 4

The soil around the tree should not be soggy. Press and keep adding more soil till it sets.

Step 5

Add a fertilizer and layer of mulch on the top soil around it!

Step 6

Add a wire fence around it till it grows for a season. If you live in an area where there are deer – the fence protection helps!

Feels great to plant a tree!

Now, to wait and watch it grow…!!!

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