Indoor plants care during winter

Indoor plants need extra care during winter season. Sharing some tips that have worked for us.

Some plants are easier to grow indoors, especially if we maintain a standard temperature inside the house. Plants that are planted near the kitchen somehow need special care, than those in the other areas of the house.

What can be planted indoor during winter?

For cold and snowy winters, as long as you are maintaining a standard room temperature, you can plant herbs, cactus, tomatoes and foliage. These are typically easier to grow indoors without much of extra care.


Foliage like the above are good for air quality as well.


Succulents like the ones below are good for desktop or table top decor and need very less water.

kitchen herbs

Kitchen herbs can be grown in small pots all through the year. The warmth from the kitchen and the sunlight work for all seasons.

Care instructions

  1. Reduce hydrating them often
  2. Reduce fertilizer
  3. Place them near a window for the sunlight
  4. Make sure the curtains are drawn at night and windows are sealed
  5. Prune if necessary (especially for outdoor plants that have been brought indoors)
  6. Place them under indoor lights if the plants are shedding leaves
  7. Try not to re-pot indoor plants during winter
  8. Sow seeds for outdoor plants that take 6-12 weeks to grow as potted or outdoor plants

As the rate of growth decreases during winter, the amount of water and fertilizer needed is also less. Over hydrating them (or following the normal scheduled process) will end up hurting the plants more.

Remember, there are no gardening mistakes – only experiments!

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