Committing to plant one tree

While I have planted many seeds over my lifetime, some have grown into fruit or vegetable bearing plants, flowers and herbs, I have only planted one tree in my whole life.

From seasonal to annuals and perennials, there have been a variety of plants both indoor and outdoor that have grown wherever I have lived.

Last year was the first time I got to plant a tree. From digging a hole to planting a tree, learned the whole nine yards to plant one. It felt great.

Now that I have tried, looking to plant one tree every quarter (4 trees per year) and have my family members do the same.

Being the change is the best way to trigger a change, and what better way to celebrate a birthday than to plant one around your vicinity and inculcate the habits in your next-generation.

Accented red tree
Flowering tree
Puget gold apricot trees

Flowering trees are great, they add color to the yard. Fruit bearing trees need a lot of care and can get infected by insects or pests very easily.

Depending on the time and care, selecting one that can be well maintained would help if you are looking to plant a tree in your yard.

How many trees have you planted so far? Do share it in the comments and inspire others!

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