Pagoda prayer wheel of Buddhism

Heard about this from one of my friends (Jyothi) and felt like writing about the Buddhist Pagoda prayer wheel.

Buddhist temple in Santa Cruz – California

For those who are able to visit it ->

Removing negative energy

Writing on the yellow plaque in the picture above: By seeing this mantra 100,000 eons of negative karma & obscurations are purified as stated in the sutra Phag pa Chu Rung Rol Pai Do.

prayer wheel

One of the oldest prayer wheels containing 64 Billion Om Mani Padme Hung Mantras

Turning the prayer wheel and reciting the mantra above is the practice that is repeated multiple times.

One part of the writings from the picture above caught my attention

For countries where there is war and intense suffering

This practice is very good for parts of the world where there are many disasters, wars, famine, etc. Turn the prayer wheel and send light beams from the prayer-wheel mantra out to those countries that are at war and where there is so much killing and intense suffering. The mantra light purifies all their anger and generates loving kindness, compassion, and bodhicitta in their hearts. It purifies all the negative karma of those who get killed or harmed and of those who are killing and harming others.

healing ritual

Reiki healers usually use this mantra and send healing energies and positive vibrations to all. Healing sessions are very peaceful and calm minds.

This message from a friend was like a reminder to share the hope and faith with the rest of the world!

While every culture has their own healing rituals, sounds and prayers, got the opportunity to learn about something new today!

Sharing positive thoughts, vibes and best wishes!

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