TV shows – Yakeen ka safar

Got an opportunity to watch a Pakistani serial called Yakeen ka safar (which means Journey of Trust)

Story revolves around a family of four – father & mother with two sons, first of whom is also a lawyer following the footsteps of his father and the second son is a doctor. Story begins with the first son getting married and how the family goes through a conceitedness in all facets of life and begins their journey of trust!

On the banks of river Jhelum, beautiful scenic views, calm and noble lifestyle and powerful acting!

The subtle changes in relationships swaying towards conceitedness and later on swaying towards trust, and how one gets to navigate through both of them growing out of their naivety and maturing in the process has been handled very beautifully with sensitivity!

Huge difference between the first half of the series and the second half..! Upon recommendation I had watched an episode in the second half of the series and got interested in the show and watched the full series.

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