Weekend shares

Interesting times with friends and families..!

Re-connecting with good old college friends brought back lovely memories. Irrespective of age, one technology that all of us seem to have learned to use during the pandemic 🙂

College friends. | College quotes, College friends quotes, School life  quotes

Cooking with a local friend.. she made Vegetable Jalfrezi… my turn to make something creative 🙂

Binge watching K-drama with cousins! It just feels great when someone understands the word

201 Korean Lettering Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime
Means Thank you in Korean

Harvested radishes – Radish sambar (lentil gravy) brought back childhood memories!

Carrots & Beetroots getting ready to harvest this week!

Triggering food changes, including more salads in the diet! Needed me to put away utensils and get salad friendly ones out!

Summer Salad Recipes | Midwest Living

Time to try some of the summer salads -> https://learningthursdays.com/10-summer-salad-recipes/

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