What can one learn at home?

Not everything we need to learn is taught at school or in classes outside. Home is a place that can help us learn a lot as well!

In a conversation with a few friends, the concept of what can a child learn at home came up..! Children can join coaching classes for many latest technology skills these days, so what can they just sit at home and learn?

A child observes and learns much more in a home environment than at school (restricted environment). Student gains knowledge about subjects taught at school and figures out how to use them at home or in an environment outside-of-school.

Sharing a few aspects that would help if the child learns at home early in life! Home is the BEST place to learn these in the first place, and the earlier we learn – the easier it gets to deal with day to day life as we grow older!

  1. Personal grooming and daily hygiene
  2. Importance of bedtime & sleep duration
  3. Helping in household chores & physical activity
  4. Habit formation – Daily habits help develop this
  5. Humility
  6. Importance of Service
  7. Helpfulness and charity
  8. Right judgement (being able to differentiate between what is right and wrong)
  9. Being able to set their boundaries
  10. Dealing with ups and downs in life
  11. Love, Compassion & Empathy
  12. Importance of Faith, prayer & blessings

Focus on children, by teaching them good habits we have the power to change!

Do share what you feel are important aspects one can learn at home! Would love to hear your perspectives!

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