What is the product you are trying to sell?

In a conversation with a Sales/Marketing leader, the conversation about the criticality to understand what we are trying to sell was interesting! Especially for entrepreneurs and folks in Sales/Marketing, this is critical!

The conversation revolved around services that the company was expected to sell.

Sales: I find it difficult to sell a concept when I do not understand what is the cup I am expected to sell! There is nothing tangible that I can talk about to any customer!

Me: Why is it hard to spell it out? Do you not know what is the cup you are expected to sell?

Sales: The leaders expect a futuristic product/service that I am supposed to sell, the operating team on the ground are working on the current products/services, the team identified to build the futuristic products/services are working with a quarterly plan that they are unable to qualify what would come out of it and when. So, without knowing what shape the product/service might turn out to be, it is hard for me to visualize what is the cup that I am expected to sell…

This somehow made perfect sense irrespective of the size of the organization.

For those who are trying to sell –

  1. Be clear about what you are trying to sell and to whom
  2. Have a brochure or flyer explaining the critical services as they relate to the buyer
  3. If you are working with other partners or teams in shaping up an offering, do share what the market needs are with the core team and have regular meetings with them to ensure the product/service and expectations are in line with what the field needs
  4. Be willing to evolve – both your skillset and what you are trying to sell
  5. Talk to experts in the field to leverage their experience

Instead of finding customers for your products, try to find products for your customers! It helps win over internal challenges and prioritize easily!

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