When I shared a table with 3 CXOs

During one of the conferences, I had the opportunity to share the table with 3 CXOs. The interactions turned out to be interesting & amazing!

It was a 2-day conference and three CXOs from two different organizations & I shared a table to brainstorm about people practices across different organizations and were sharing our best practices. Plenty of learning!

I had newly purchased a iPhone (one of the initial models) just a week before the session!

I was holding my phone in my hand and left it on the table during discussions.

During one of the breaks, conversations switched to a lighter note and one of them asked who was the biggest risk-taker amongst us (those who were sitting around the table).

All of us had our own point of views and we shared our perspectives that revolved around work and the biggest risks we have taken on our work front 🙂

One of them looked at my phone and asked the others, what do they think about this (pointing to the phone). The other two smiled and said unanimously that I was the biggest risk taker amongst them as I did not have a phone case (cover) to protect my phone. I was comfortable leaving it on the table – not worried about it getting stolen, misused or broken. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Risks started getting added to the list slowly and the conversation continued during the entire break time – something I would remember and cherish for a long time 🙂

Within a short while, I got a short debrief about how big of a risk taker I am in real life – not just on the work front. In real life situations, in day to day life & work. And Yes…. Every bit resonated perfectly well with me.

That day I realized something new about myself and a leader’s ability to gauge people just by observing a few aspects about them 🙂

Simple traits convey a lot about us… changing those traits helps us change our habits and lifestyle.

And I realized, I continue to learn everyday, even about myself!

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