Why Give Thanks?

Happy Thanksgiving!

After a certain point in one’s life, people begin to wonder what the point of giving thanks is for.

Why should I let someone know that I am thankful for them?

In the Hindu culture, holidays (festivals) are days during which we seek blessing from our elders. We do pranam to them and ask them to wish for good fortune for us. The power of our elders’ blessings is something which is unmatched in strength. Having our well-wishers bless us gives us the power to get through each day. They remind us that we always have something to be thankful for in life. Whether it be your parents, relatives, family, friends, teachers, well-wishers, or more.

Every single day, there is someone or something that we are always thankful for!

For the roof on our head, for the financial stability, for the bright and sunny morning, good cup of coffee, a good bed to rest, and the list is long.

We realize these things in their absence – always. Never in their presence.

Thinking about what we have and cherish when we have them, reflects a sense of gratitude.

Gratitude makes us feel the abundance.

Abundance can be felt when we observe nature around us. A sense of peace of mind sets in, making us feel gratitude and be thankful for all that we have an cherish, despite all the difficulties we face.

Cherish what you have and be thankful for it! Express your thanks and gratitude in ways it matters to you and feel the abundance!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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