Best advice

One advice that is applicable for anyone, anytime, anywhere irrespective of our age!

Figure out what you want in life, and learn to ask for what you want!

Somehow we all need this advice at every point in life! We need someone to tell us which part of the phrase to focus on, as it relates to us, and actually do it.

Whether we visit a therapist, talk to a friend, discuss with a mentor/coach, we need to be able to figure this out ourselves and learn how to reach out to people to ask for what we want, in a way that resonates with the other person!

There lies the key. Having a circle of friends whom we can bounce off our thoughts to help figure things out is wonderful, those who prefer their privacy talk to a counselor!

Life happens and we all need that space to constantly figure things out.

What worked for us yesterday, might not work for us today or tomorrow! It is always a constant struggle to figure out where we are in life, and what we actually want to do. When we have the clarity in our thoughts, it is easier for our actions to resonate with the same.

Some have a hard time asking for help! The earlier we learn to reach out and ask for help – the better! Else, surround yourself with friends who can speak up for you (till you get there!).

Clarity does not come easily. It needs a lot of introspection and facing our current realities, and accepting who we are and where we are (our current situations) in life. That is quite hard, especially when life puts us through a series of life changing events and milestones. However, this is where our circle of friends (or just one good friend) helps us see who we are shaping up to be.

Our realities help us evolve into the person we are challenged to become – every single day. When we face them, there is always a bit of a lesson that needs to be learned, a bit of transformation we need to accept (in our routines, lifestyle, expectations and perspectives of ourselves). When we do that, the next steps become easier to visualize.

To all those who are seeking the best advice that you can ask for (or receive), think about it…

Figure out what you want in life, and learn to ask for what you want!

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