Care baskets

A simple gesture goes a long way, especially if it is a surprise and you are missing someone!

How do we show we care? Especially when we are far away? Have been finding it difficult especially during the pandemic! Some of the ways of expressing care seems to help!

For families who are going through COVID quarantining themselves

How are they getting their daily food? Does the food suit them – if not, who else can deliver? Checking on local contacts and setting up a delivery process seems to be a much needed help!

Checking on coffee or tea… is there anyone who can deliver this HOT? which local vendors can do it? How well?

If any local communities are cooking and delivering food for patients, ensuring their contacts are shared and available helps!

For friends who are far away and celebrating key milestones in life

Found flowers, chocolates, cakes and snack boxes seem to be a good way to express that they are in our thoughts!

For friends all around the world

A simple “how are you” message helps! Pictures of old memories, fun times, simple games, funny videos, checking in on them… take turns and talk to them, more so listening to them are good ways to express care!

For students starting school

Water bottle carriers, hand sewn masks, extra supply of snacks and hand sanitizers seem to be a good care basket gift!

For students stepping into college

Gift cards, disposable masks, supply of snacks, fresh bedding and linen sets works perfectly!

Now how we pack these is left to our creativity!

This week have been feeling the need for care baskets in all my circles. Some are unwell, some are far away going through life milestones, some are starting school and some are stepping into college!

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