Conversations with like-minded people

Yesterday, had the opportunity to interact with a few like-minded people!

We were sitting in a panel (Zoom call of course) and listening to ideas, technology & innovation across domains.

As panelists, we had an opportunity to connect and converse in between sessions.

During the breaks, we spoke briefly about our careers, and more about how we have lived our lives.

I have never met one of the panelists nor have I heard about them before. However, an instant sense of admiration sets in when we were conversing!

Some of us have the ability to feel the warmth in the presence of other like-minded people! And, when we do – we need to enjoy them and keep them fresh in our memories. A conversation with such like-minded folks has the ability to fill our lives with so much of hope & optimism that we can go on for decades.

I did realize something through the same though!

That kind of warmth is ONLY felt with people who are humble. Humility is key to gain and sustain respect.

The respect that comes with roles & designations fade away with time. One that comes with humble beginnings, hard work to pave a path for themselves, being able to empathize with others, and what you choose to teach your children tells it all! It stands out strong and tells the story louder than words.

Grateful for the opportunity to have met and interacted with a great soul!

I did not ask for their contact number nor their connection on social media. However, I know we will remember each other and quote our conversations to inspire those in our respective circles!

6 thoughts on “Conversations with like-minded people

  1. Yes indeed Shanthy. Conversing with like-minded people are a boon these days and no doubt it instils in us a feeling of hope , pleasantness and optimism.

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