Eating habits

It is important to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy eating habits.

Healthy eating habitsUnhealthy eating habits
Choose foods to eat according to your local seasonEaring too soon after a full meal
Sit while eating Drinking too much water during a meal
Chew well before swallowing. This helps food to be digested easilyEating when constipated
Do not drink water and fill your stomach instead of eating when you are hungryDrinking extremely cold water
Eat fresh food of the best quality you can affordEating outside of scheduled meal times during the day or night
Do not eat unless you feel hungry. Skipping a meal when you are feeling full is fineEating when you are not hungry
Do not eat too fast. Chew your food and eat at a normal pace. Rushing to gobble your food does not help in the long runEmotional eating
Just because you skipped your previous meal or got delayed, do not double up the quantity of your next meal. Munching or snacking between meals
Do not overeat. It urges you to eat more and more food, and creates toxins in the digestive tractEating while watching TV, or reading a book or doing other activities. It is important to focus on the food.

Per Ayurveda guidelines, during a meal eat to fill 1/3rd of your stomach, drink 1/3rd water 30 minutes after the meal and leave the other 1/3rd empty.

How much to eat?

Quantity of food one needs to eat in a meal – per Ayurveda guidelines needs to fit into two hands full of the person eating it

Healthy eating habits are not a short term fix but a long term lifestyle change!

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