Daily motivation #148

One small positive thought in the mornings can change our whole day, and impact those around us!

Like a quick power nap, 15 minutes of quietness and meditation helps calm our minds and regulate our internal organs. On busy days, we tend to be more stressed, our body needs that extra time to calm down. Healthy mind helps maintain a healthy body.

What if you do not know how to meditate?

  • Try to sit quietly thinking about nothing for 15 minutes
  • Try to quietly chant a specific name
  • Isolate yourself and close your eyes, visualize calm waters of the beach or clouds, or greenery
  • Close your eyes and tell your mind that for the next 15 minutes, all your mind can do is to remind you to smile 🙂
  • Look for any meditation classes that you can join online (if you are interested)

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