Daily motivation #98

One small positive thought in the mornings can change our whole day, and impact those around us!

If we fear that we will be judged because of our vulnerabilities in our circle, it may be time to find a new one!

It requires a LOT of courage and acceptance of where you are in life to be able to speak up & be seen exposing your vulnerabilities. Not everyone’s path is the same. So, if your circle is unable to understand & be supportive, maybe it is time to make new relationships, maybe a new circle of friends who share your passion and/or pain, who have been there & have become experts at dealing with it.

Ultimately, what counts is a handful of meaningful relationships that we can be proud of, who would stand by us in our hour of need, and share a helping hand!

If you have not found one (or a few yet), check if you are the one who lends a helping hand to your friends. Being one is the easiest way to get one!

Words of truth from a woman leader who went on stage to receive an award…

“Some days I walk in here as the VIP, and some days I come to this same place to sell cookies. No matter the occasion, I realized I needed to accept who I am and SHOW UP! That made the difference for me!”

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