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Inspired by a blogger friend Pooja (Lifesfinewhine), sharing a day in my life!

Woke up in the morning and checked online to complete some pending work. 30 minutes became an hour, and my school friend called. After a long chat and catching up on old memories and discussing the journey from the dares she has undertaken to how she has mellowed down to making garlands for the recent festival at home, felt energized after the conversation to take on the rest of the day with a smile! Got ready and came down to make breakfast for kids. Seeing me talk to my friends, they had realized I would take some time in remembering them, so they had eaten breakfast, so what I made became lunch for them. Good days… good times.. 🙂

Then, had coffee with my better half and check whatsapp messages. One kid called me for a life choice they needed to make. He made my day when he told me that his parents had given my number to him and that anytime he needs help, he can call me. Felt honored, spoke to him, and realized I cannot change my phone number spontaneously anymore.

Someone in my prayer group was looking for some accommodation in North Carolina. Good reason to chat with a college friend from the place. After the initial greetings, we have a pleasant chat and I gather details and share it back. We chat about kids and health, financials, work, stress, etc. She goes for a walk, and agreeing to chat in detail later, we continue with our respective days.

Got a call from one of my team members and move on with work, while cooking another meal. One of the teachers calls up to fix an issue on google forms. Quickly do the fixes and share it back.

Meanwhile, my brother felt nostalgic and dug out old pictures from childhood and started sharing it in our cousins group. The groups go wild with hundreds of messages. Post one of the pictures on my whatsapp status and it led to many conversations with school friends, college friends, colleagues and neighbors. Found an old picture of my parents that I have never seen before! Check on kids at home. They were playing games with their cousins (next-generation cousins creating their memories).

Needed the meaning of a word in a different language and decide to call my college friend who is an expert at this to ask her, she helps me out and we chat and catch up on life and spirituality. We discuss about the beauty of explaining the epics and skim through all popular folks who are doing a good job explaining the mythology in Indian languages. Satisfying conversation 🙂

Meanwhile, my uncle who writes as a hobby, shares an article he wrote on “Suicide” in 1997 that was published and someone who read that article called him and spoke to him at length, and they became friends for life. Read that article and translated it. Felt nice realizing that we do similar things across generations. Whether our children continue our interests or not, our nephews/nieces also stand a chance to continue them.

Got another call from a friend whose 6 year old daughter wanted to chat. Had fun chatting with her and commit to make a nice Quiz for her (next post has to be a Quiz). Chat with my cousin about a birthday wish for her friend (It is really hard to maintain childhood friendships for life, and she is so good at sustaining ALL her childhood friends inspiring so many of us in the process).

Kids remind me the sink is clogged. Realize that the beautiful homemade tile soap holder has come apart and one of the tiles got stuck in the sink. After loading the dishwasher, clearing the kitchen, and running a wash load, sit down for a coffee.

Long chat discussing about Bollywood SSR case and the latest revelations, while completing my work and reports.

Email from collegeboard that SATs for October are also cancelled comes up and I come back to deal with the present. Seriously, are the variables we need to deal with in life ever going to decrease?

Kids remind me about their band performance – today (with masks and social distancing). They lose their band shirts and we all end up looking for it. Finally, we figure out an alternative, and one of them compromises and they step out to perform. We watch it on Facebook live, and then drive down to pick them up. Fire engines and cop cars all around the street. Seems like the storm had pushed a tree over an electric pole and the place caught fire. Prayed for them and took a longer route to pick up kids. It had rained and they had caught a cold. So, had to switch meals to a more healthy one (not their request of Mac-and-Cheese :)).

Peacefully, sat and watched Sugar Rush over dinner (Yeah… craving for baked goods! Need to go shopping and refill my baking pantry). Played a board game to get rid of the tiredness and thought I should write about this day. Just now, a friend from Post-grad days called for an overview of google classroom, as their school is switching out of Zoom and getting into using google classroom and related google suite of products. After a nice long chat, winding up my day!

Talking to friends and relatives is a blessing, and more so when we are all virtually trying to remain connected!

Stay blessed and stay safe!

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