Egg Shell art

I used to think Egg shell art was painting on eggs during Easter, however was surprised to uncover a world of possibilities 🙂 Sharing a few of the artwork that impressed me..!

Easter eggs 🙂

Painting with a micro tip special pen inside a broken egg shell..!

Hard egg shells are carved using special carving tools to make these beautiful patterns.. deer in a forest, palace, mandala art..! Amazing!

Broken egg shell pieces of varying sizes are collaged into mosaic art – WOW 🙂 Feels surreal..!!

Art made on Ostrich eggshells seem have a lot of intricate work done on it! Ukraine, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa – Yes.. it seems to be something artists across countries tend to be fascinated about!

Hand-painted Ostrich Egg embellished with Swarovski crystals – $780 – Check on Etsy

Ukrainian Ostrich Eggshell Art – $550 – Check on Etsy

South African Ostrich Eggshell Art – $525 – Check on Etsy

Abstract mosaic paintings have a special place!

Intricate designs, harder technique, niche tools, beautiful stands – all of these seem to make these one-of-a-kind masterpieces! And expensive as well 🙂

Images courtesy – Google

Wait for it…! This MASTERPIECE Snowing in a Dream – by Lara Safaryan – Egg shells acrylic on canvas is $13,000 – WOW 🙂

Image courtesy – Google

Any art, when done with great passion and perfection, tends to become a masterpiece! Hats off to all the artists and creators whose passion makes us believe in possibilities!

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