Filter coffee – 101

Coffee means filter coffee in some parts of India. The taste is so very different and just 1 cup leaves you with a good feeling about the day! One of my friends shared this perfect way to make coffee!

Wanted to archive this in my collection!

For anyone who loves filter coffee or is trying to make one.. this is the perfect way to make one and tastes delicious!

One does not need to understand the language while watching it. Visuals are good enough to understand the process!

Tips that he shared that bring out the taste

  1. Water should just start bubbling and not boiling for perfect coffee
  2. Some coffee powder below the filter and more above
  3. The thickness of the filtered liquid
  4. Dusting the top of the filter with sugar
  5. The way the milk is to be boiled
  6. Froth extraction technique
  7. Pouring milk over the coffee
  8. How to top it off with froth

If you prefer a different way, share it in the comments – would like to try it as well!

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