Gardening – Growing red chillies

Feels great to see colorful vegetables growing on plants… especially bright colored ones!

My mother sowed the seeds last year and nurtured the plant for months together.

We did not know whether and how long the plant will survive the cold winter! However, grateful that it did 🙏🏻

During winter, moved the potted plant near the window! Still, after months – it was not flowering!

Early spring, the plant started flowering slowly… and there were multiple flowers at some point. However, no trace of them transforming into chillies!

Late spring, moved the potted plant outdoors and within a week, it started flowering and then shedding leaves, and wow.. a tiny green chilli had formed! It felt great!

While I was expecting a long green chilli, this one turned out to be a round one 🙂 Maybe, I need to remember what I am sowing and where 🙂

Green chillis then turned into bright red round chillies! Feels great to harvest them! Should keep some seeds from them to sow them again!

Anyone interested in gardening, other than watering the potted plant daily and moving them outdoor or indoor, with ample sunlight, it did not need any other care!

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