Lemonade for bloating

I have heard lemon juice (or lemonade) is a good way to reduce bloating. I gave it a try to see if there was any truth to it.

Sharing my findings:

The way the lemonade is prepared does seem to make a difference

  1. Lemon juice – Hot water mixed with sugar, after it cools add juice from lemons. Works well to reduce bloating!
  2. Lemon soda – Squeeze a lemon in sparkling water and mix a pinch of salt (yes.. it does fizz). Works well to reduce bloating!

None of the other ways of homemade lemon juice/lemonade or versions seem to work to reduce bloating.

Then, I looked at whether store bought lemonades would have a similar effect

  1. Walmart Marketside lemonade – High in sugar. Does not help to reduce bloating!
  2. Costco lemonade – Sour! Does not help to reduce bloating!
Store bought LemonadeDoes it work / not
Walmart Marketside lemonadeNo
Costco LemonadeNo
Simply LemonadeYes
Minute maid LemonadeNo

For those who are trying to reduce bloating, would suggest you try Simply Lemonade and see the difference!

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