Lentil pudding

I am used to make pudding with rice, tried a different recipe with green lentils. Tasted amazing! Sharing the recipe!


  1. Six cups milk
  2. 1/2 cup green lentils (soak them for 30 minutes)
  3. Sugar or Jaggery (1/2 cup)
  4. Cashews – 2 oz
  5. Raisins – 20
  6. Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Process 1

  1. Wash and soak the green lentils for about 30 minutes.
  2. Pour 3 cups of milk in the washed lentils and bring it to a boil while stirring
  3. The milk will start condensing – continue to keep stirring
  4. Add the remaining ingredients (sugar/jaggery, cashews, raisins, cardamom powder) from above into the boiling mixture
  5. Pour the remaining 3 cups of milk and continue to keep stirring
  6. It takes about 45 minutes to condense and for lentils to boil directly in the milk

Serve hot or cold

process 2 – tastes a bit different

  1. Wash and soak the green lentils for about 30 minutes
  2. Pour water in it and pressure cook it for 3 whistles (Takes about 5-8 minutes)
  3. Remove it from the pressure cooker into a pot, add sugar and milk and bring it to a boil
  4. Fry cashews and raisins in 1oz butter and add it to the mixture above
  5. Sprinkle some cardamom powder

Serve hot or cold


  1. Try rice instead of lentils
  2. Fry the cashews and raisins in butter and add them in
  3. Switch the cashews to almonds or pistachios
  4. Add a handful of grated coconut
  5. Use coconut milk instead of regular milk (Best when used with Process 2 above)

Yummy Desserts 🙂

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