Local entrepreneur series #3 – Delhi Tiffin

A common friend introduced me to Arsh, a local entrepreneur who runs the Delhi tiffin business, catering meals for families who need the extra help – either for parties or weekly meals. During the pandemic, we can support local small businesses and entrepreneurs in some way we can! Every bit counts!

Delhi Tiffin – 908-552-8115

The proprietor, Arsh, texts the menu for the following week on Friday and you can place your orders on Saturday. You can also do substitutions and order a la carte. Each order is enough for 4-5 people usually.

Sample weekly menu

Especially useful for medical professional who find it hard to prepare meals regularly, families with senior citizens, families with children and anyone who is looking for a variety!

Best way to evaluate a business is the number of repeat customers and customer reviews… Sharing one of the reviews

“I have tried their food all this week and must say, that they make the food with love ! Upto the taste and they text any specials that they make on weekends – Such as they made “chole bhature” today !! “

“My hungry family is being well fed this past week as I couldn’t do much recently… made to our taste – mild, medium, high space level…”

This small business caters to folks in New Jersey. Can I request you to look at their products and support the microbusiness by purchasing at least one item to support a local entrepreneur! If you have used their services, please leave a comment about their business below.

For those outside of New Jersey, if you would like to support a local food entrepreneur, look for one in your local community and place an order during this holiday season!

Look forward to posting about another entrepreneur next week!

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