Mangoes – which ones are your favorite?

As children we used to look forward to summer as it would be mango season again! Mostly 3-4 varieties of mangoes that spread across summer timeline indicated whether summer was at its peak or getting over! Now, interesting to see more than 50 varieties of mangoes around the world!

Bainganpalli mangoes

These are juicy, sweet, big and very tasty! Season’s prime time mangoes! If anyone says they do not like this flavor of mangoes, then they must not like mangoes at all.

Alphonso mangoes

Tasty and good to eat without cutting, and good for juicing as well! Extremely tasty! Local district flavors differ slightly in taste, however mango lovers can figure out the difference and prefer one to the other!

Rajapur Alphonso (Rajapur Hapus) Large - Alphonso Mango Online | Alphonso  Mango | Rajapur | Devgad Hapoos Online | ALphonso

Malgova mangoes

Although the skin looks green (unripe), the mango inside is fully ripe and extremely sweet and tasty. Ideal for peeling skin and eating it just like that (no cutting or slicing). Is not ideal for juicing!

Malgova Mango, เค†เคฎ in Settyhalli Layout, Chik Ballapur , Sri Venkateswara  Traders | ID: 6970926888

For other mango flavors and favorites across India – check this blog –

Hawaii mango flavors

30 flavors of mangoes just from Hawaii ๐Ÿ™‚ Would be great to taste all of them at least once!

How to know when the mangoes are fresh or stale with defects?

Every family has someone or knows someone who is extremely good at selecting the perfect mangoes when they go shopping! Some basic guidelines – look for dots and spots, cut and bruises, punctures – they generally will not be good (unlike bananas). The fruit should be firm although ripe to be marked as good – general thumb rule!

Australian guide to spotting defects in mangoes – Check out their site and access the guide from the link below.

Plant a mango tree at home

If you are living in warmer zones of US, you can look to grow your own mango trees in your backyard. If you do not have a local one, order it online

Mango Tree Grafted Priority Shipping Included - Many varieties available -  Not certified organic โ€” A Natural Farm

Unique recipes

Most of us dice mangoes, or slice them into long strips, peel the skin and eat it directly. Some of us prefer to juice the mango and use the puree for other dishes! While there are hundreds of dishes with mangoes, salads, entrees and desserts inclusive, there are a few that stood out!

A perfectly ripe mango with chili and lemon. I'm craving something spicy |  Healthy snacks, Mango, Food
Cut mango slices flavored with chilli and lemon from Mexico!
Mango-Stuffed Sticky Rice Balls Recipe by Tasty
Mango stuffed sticky rice balls – China
Hawaiian Mango Cheesecake | Recipe | Mango dessert recipes, Mango dessert,  Mango cheesecake
Hawaiian mango cheesecake
Simple Mango Lassi | Recipe | Lassi recipes, Mango lassi, Mango lassi  recipes
Indian Mango lassi

What is your favorite variety of mango? What is your favorite dish? Do share in the comments below!

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