Photography – light and shadow effects

Light and shadows in photographs have the power to create the differentiation between tones that becomes the basis of our perceptions. Sometimes, the dimensions of these subjects & objects create an illusory effect blending them with the scene around them, potentially creating a sense of depth in the picture. Sharing some of them that serve as an inspiration!

The shades create the sense of a staircase in the picture below!

20 Light And Shadow Photography Ideas For Inspiration - Free Jupiter

Try to photograph a picture like this.. you would enjoy the experience of changing the lights, positions and creating the shadow effects 🙂

SHADOW AND LIGHT - Photography

This one from the school of photography below creates a story in our mind!

Shadows in Photography – How Seeing the Shadows Helps You Understand the  Light
Pic courtesy – School of photography

The etched glass creates a shadow of the patterns – light, water and shadows!

17 Object Shadow Photography ideas | shadow photography, photography, shadow
Pic courtesy – Pinterest

Is it the love for bicycling..?

Light and Shadow: Two Powerful Photography Tools – TableTop Studio
Pic courtesy – Table top studio

Look at the way the light curves around the object creating a shadow unintentionally, carving another story!

Light and Shadow Photography - Home | Facebook

Yes.. it does make me think about recreating this 🙂

24 Light and Shadow Photography for Inspiration - Vintagetopia
Pic courtesy – Vintagetopia

How and where would the light source have been placed? Does a circular surface create the changes in the length of the light?

Shadow Spaces: Miniature architecture crafted from paper looks like real  buildings | Creative Boom
Pic courtesy – Creative boom

Observe light, objects, surfaces, how the shadows are naturally formed & play around with them to bring in your own perspective & recreate the story in your photographs! Every artists holds the ability to influence and inspire the mind!

Joining a 4-6 week photography class in your local community would be helpful as well!

What was the photograph that made you think about lights and shadows in photography? Do share the links or pictures in the comment below!

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  1. Wonderful observation and thoughtful ideas Shanthy. I am always looking for ways to create such magical pictures in my food blog . As you said a course in photography would help .

    1. Your food pictures are wonderful Sowmya 🙂 The lighting and colorful pictures and backgrounds you use make it quite appealing 🙂

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