Simple joys of life

Simple things in life bring a kind of joy that puts a smile on our faces and relieves our stress.

Sharing some such simple moments of life 🙂

When a child hugs us with all the love & warmth in the world

When the tiny fingers of a new born baby hold your finger tightly

When a child opens a water hose and sprays you expecting you to shout, run and play with them

When you throw a water balloon at your friend

When you make a huge snow ball and throw it on your loved ones

When you slip an ice cube in your friend’s sleeve during class

When you quietly kick your sleeping friend sitting beside you in class

When you consistently win at Rock Paper Scissors game

When you wait to finish your friend’s lunch box at school & that day it is your favorite dish

When everyone at home hands over the remote to you to choose what everyone would watch

All of us have our own lists like these. Write these down and keep it in a place that you can see all the time. The days when we feel sad or low, just reading these things we love, would fill our hearts with the warmth we need 🙂

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