Some proverbs across languages help us find the true nature of our relationships!

Anyone who has gone through challenging times will relate to these!

The sincerity of a husband is seen when his wife is sick
The sincerity of a wife is seen when the family faces financial troubles
The sincerity of siblings is seen when sharing their inheritance
The sincerity of a friend is seen when they have your back – no matter what!
The sincerity of relatives is seen when you need help & support
The sincerity of a lover is seen when there is no monetary benefit in the relationship
The sincerity of a believer is seen when they face hardships

When we read these, we can all relate to incidents in our life when we did not receive the kind of support we needed – from any of our relationships!

Now read them again, and think about the times when someone else expected it from us, and for whatever be the reason, we were not able to be there for them! Relationships work both ways..! Just like there would have been a reason why we were unable to live up to someone else’s expectation, others might have a valid reason too!

Understanding their side of the story helps save relationships in the long run!

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