Single use plastic bags in NJ

Single use plastic bags and their usage is changing across New Jersey.

State of New Jersey announces that starting May 4th, local stores will not be providing single-use plastic bags.

What can we do?

Look for alternatives to single-use plastic bags. Shop around and buy a few for different types of stores. Maybe one for veggies, one for heavy items at least would make sense.

Alternatives to plastic bags

  1. Cloth bags
  2. Store branded paper bags
  3. Recyclable paper bags
  4. Mesh bags
  5. Jute bags
  6. Tote bags
  7. Cardboard boxes
  8. Carton holders (like the ones you see near the exit of wholesale shops)

Feels good to take a positive step towards a better future!

What are the other types of plastic that we can start eliminating to make the world a better place?

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