Started re-planting seeds outdoors

Got to re-plant some of the sprouts outdoors this weekend! Slow and steady progress….

As it rained continuously for the past few days, ground was wet and made it easier to put install the poles around the raised beds. Left some place for the hammock inside the fence! Wrapping the wire fence around and hooking it to the poles became easier.

Lettuce varieties, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower sprouts have been planted with two varieties of tomatoes!

Closer look at the tomatoes raised bed – after re-planting the sprouts!

What next?

Need to re-plant root vegetables, vines and flower beds!

First, I would need to increase the depth of soil in 3 raised beds and re-plant the root veggie sprouts (beets, carrots and radish) in the next few days.

The two peas plants are the tallest in the picture above and 10 radish plants growing in the tray next to it.

The front tray in this one has the beets growing in them. Beautiful red stems come out first and then the two green leaves sprout! The tray behind it has tomatoes (that have been re-planted).

This picture has honeydew and cantaloupes growing in the front tray and the thin leaves in the plants in the tray behind it are the carrots. Thin stem with equally thin leaves.. look extremely delicate!

Beans, Peas, Honeydew and cantaloupes are vines – looking to setup a mini pergola with a wired fence and then re-plant them outdoors!

When gardening becomes a muscle memory, thumbs become green thumbs!

Till then, continuing to learn πŸ™‚

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