Vaccines and their side effects seems to vary across countries. While many are taking a stance and sharing their opinions, people need to feel safe towards getting themselves and the older generation vaccinated!

Covid-19 cases, deaths, and vaccinations: Daily U.S. data on April 16

Half of US adults have received at least one shot of COVID vaccine!

Proud to be one of them!

Precautions being taken:

  1. Have a thermometer at hand
  2. If I get a fever, have been advised to take Tylenol. One or two doses at a 4-hour interval should ideally suffice
  3. Remembering to drink plenty of water
  4. At the vaccination center, was advised to avoid greasy food for the first two days as people have mentioned they might feel nausea
  5. Cooked a few meals that can be ready-to-eat when needed
  6. Was advised by friends to move my arm, else next day might feel pain.
  7. Booked my next appointment (3 weeks later)
  8. Registered at for periodic health check-ins (was given an option to do that at the vaccination center)
  9. As a family discussed emergency protocols

It was surprising to see the army get involved in ensuring the protocols were followed. Large vaccination sites being setup as mini hospitals with hundreds of people (by appointment only) coming in maintaining their distance, registering, completing paperwork,, getting vaccinated, waiting for 15 minutes in the observation area and leaving peacefully. There is a sense of comfort level that is felt when you see a process being run so smoothly!

Saw a seamless process integrating multiple groups, multiple specialties, multiple technologies, multiple workflow systems dealing with thousands of people every hour in a very smooth manner, making it seem so simple!

Hats off to all the front line workers who are working towards making this happen!

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