Interesting questions to validate identity…

Recently I was on a call with a bank.. I had initiated the call and it was not a spam call. Now, the questions I was asked were very interesting 🙂

Interesting questions to prove I was me…

What is your name?

Spell it out please…

2-3 standard questions after that…

Why are you calling…

Transferred to another department

same questions repeat.. adding another one..

Can you confirm your residence address please!

Okay.. did that…

What is your question…

Transferred to another department

same questions repeat.. adding a few more

What is your previous address?

And the one before that…

Okay… I called.. and I need to be patient… so, tell myself to calm down and respond….!

45 minutes later… I reach the right person who can respond to my query and discuss my reason for calling…

The questions after that made me laugh 🙂

What is your nearest highway?

How far is street ______ from your home?

Which is closer to your residence ________ or __________?

After close to a year of not driving frequently, who remembers these.. not that I would remember these otherwise!!!

I ask her, if my spouse had been here, would you have asked the same questions or would you have switched it to remembering important dates in our lives 🙂 🙂

Both of us laughed at the prospect and continued the transaction!

With the day to day stress we go through, remembering these trivia especially on a call where we wait for a long time (testing our patience) was interesting!

The last few minutes of the call were light and made me feel much better though!

A moment to smile amidst the chaos!

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