Words of advice

Some days we get to receive a lot of advice from all those around! Today has been one of those days for me. Just the breadth of it seems to be covering a broad spectrum! Maybe it is time to relax a bit!

Take care of yourself!

Take care of your health!

Walk for 30 minutes everyday!

Dress up and pamper yourself!

Cry if you need to!

Take a vacation!

Spend more time with your parents!

Unlearn what you know so far, and be willing to learn new things!

Send healing prayers to your friends in need!

Take a power nap, it helps get through the day!

Do not forget to drink water!

Read and respond to your emails and messages on time!

Calm down, do not stress yourself!

Remember to practice your breathing exercises!

Do not skip your meals!

While I thanked and responded to all of them, felt blessed that there are people who care and send these messages! While I may not be able to fulfill all of them, doing a few when and as needed does help!

During stressful times, take a minute, take a deep breath, count your blessings. Remember, we cannot do it all, not everyone knows what we are dealing with and share their advice with kindness, reciprocate their sentiment, smile and incorporate those you can in a timely manner. They intend to help you, and you might be needing those words of advice at this juncture!

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