Weekend shares

Interesting week.. looking forward to the weekend!

Some weeks can turn out like this… balancing the varied priorities of life 🙂

Whack A Mole Game GIFs | Tenor

Scheduled to get vaccinated this weekend! Fingers crossed 🤞

Vaccine clipart, Picture #206587 vaccine clipart

Beautiful artwork – hats off to the artist… Goddess Saraswathi – Thanjavur painting!

My son received few college offers.. so, conversations have shifted to

How to Afford College Without Debt - The Collegian

No matter what we earn, costs tend to be more than our earning potential! It was the same during my grandparents generation, parents generations, my generation and children as well…!! How does the math work???

Looking forward to the weekend!

  1. Hoping to create a flower bed around the perimeter inside the fence!
  2. Maybe cooking & refrigerating a few dishes would help wade through post vaccination phase!

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