Pandemic – Tips during recovery

Sharing some tips for families who are have tested positive and are quarantining themselves, or supporting families who are recovering from the pandemic.

What can we do while we are recovering – Tips for those who tested positive and families who are supporting them!

What to do while you are recovering at home during the pandemic

What foods are people eating around the world while recovering!

What to eat to keep ourselves healthy during the pandemic?

Simple tips for those who usually have shortness of breath issues

Shortness of breath

Prayers have a healing effect – what are people praying around the world!

What are people chanting or praying globally?

Be kind while talking to people. Some may have lost their loved ones, some may express their feelings and others might just prefer to be quiet.

COVID cases seem to be increasing where

  1. Some family members have got vaccinated and others have not
  2. Some family members have had their first vaccine dose and not the second dose yet

Precautions need to be continued between vaccine doses and when needing to step into crowded areas.

A listening ear, a prayer, or some positive thoughts / words help!

Stay healthy! Stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Pandemic – Tips during recovery

  1. Yes prayers and positive attitude helps My husband tested COvid positive last December and we were all home quarantined. But timely treatment helped him recover soon.

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