Medical Emergency – helps to know symptoms

Being able to identify an emergency health issue (SOS) while it is happening requires awareness and presence of mind. Knowing is equally as important as discussing it with the ones who are around you most of the time.

Heart attack Symptoms

Read, understand and discuss it with your family and colleagues at work! Being able to apply our presence of mind during an emergency might/not be possible all the time. What if we are the one needing help and we do not realize it!

Putting it up on posters, circulating emails at work and creating/attending awareness sessions helps! Discussing it with family members and children is also equally important!

Stroke Symptoms

For those who have pre-disposed conditions or known to be at risk, it helps to have these printed and accessible at home!

Family health issues

Knowing about the health issues of your family members, and having a protocol in case of emergencies helps everyone deal with it in an amicable manner.

Awareness and presence of mind during an emergency helps save lives!

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