5 ways to focus on ourselves without being selfish

Focusing on ourselves is not always being self-centered! When we take care of ourselves, we are in a better physical and mental state of mind to be there for others!

There are ways to focus on ourselves that does not hurt someone else, nor can be an act of selfishness! Sharing some ways to focus on ourselves…!

1. Personal

Give importance to the way you look and feel! Prioritize self and shower the love & care you feel & exhibit for others – to yourself as well. Pamper yourself! Surprise yourself with something nice! It can be a nice meal, new clothes, new slippers, new bok, re-organizing your stuff.. anything that makes YOU feel good! Key is YOU!

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2. Health

Focus on your mental and physical health. Take some time off to exercise! Observe your health symptoms, your sleeping patterns, your food habits and take note about what and how to refine them for better health! Spend some time thinking about your own mental health. Have you opened up about how you are actually feeling with anyone? Talking to a friend helps, if you need there are multiple sources of help available around you! Seek help when you feel you need it!

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3. Education

Have you wanted to learn something, or try something new and never got an opportunity to do it? Focus on yourself and try to learn / do something different. Learning opens up our minds to a variety of possibilities. Mind is powerful to make connections and form new perspectives to help us grow! There are many free resources available online. Try something that you are passionate about, it is never too late to learn!

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4. Relationships

If you can count the number of relationships you have with whom you can open up about how you are feeling today, then consider yourself blessed! Relationships can be tiring sometimes. While social and virtual ones can be disconnected and unfollowed, the real relationships need time, patience and perseverance to maintain. Being able to communicate your thoughts, feelings, frustrations with each other is critical. It is imperative that everyone listens – for that to happen, everyone needs to have a personal space for themselves.

5. Spiritual

Tap into your spiritual side. The harder your life gets to be, the easier it gets to connect with the Divine. Spend some time alone and think about all the nice things that have happened in your life and you will see patterns emerge! Whatever mode works for you, connect with the divine in that mode. It helps calm our minds down as well!

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Everyday focus on one thing you would do for yourself, to make yourself happy, to bring a smile on your face! It does make a difference! It makes you happy, and that resonates in your attitude, mindset and relationships!

Self care is not selfish!

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