Anxiety and the wait for something unknown

While the world is waiting for positive news on the vaccines and complete cure for the virus, there are some of us who are feeling the anxiety for very many other reasons!

Writing this post for many of my family, friends and colleagues who are going through something or other in their life! The one common thread amongst all is the feeling of anxiety!


For some of us it is college admissions, early decision results, early action results, college applications, homework, tests (abundance of tests across the world), late submissions, lowering grades, not much of sleep and waiting for a Christmas vacation that has potentially low (or no) get togethers!

Picture courtesy – American institute of stress


For some of us it is snow seasons, floods, heavy rains, loss of job, updates on medical front, health issues of near and dear family or friends, hospitalization of family or relatives, dealing with loss of someone close, necessity to travel during the pandemic, financial pressures, real estate pressures, re-financing issues, financial illiteracy, appraisal and bonus seasons, heavy work pressure, unable to make ends meet and list goes on…! Needing to take a break from all this seems a necessity… we wonder if the Christmas vacation time will make us feel better soon 🙂

Thumbrule is that – while coffee only increases anxiety, if it cannot act as the solution – the issue does not have a quick fix 🙂 It can wait – the solution or life will evolve over a period of time!

Facing health issues

For those of us who are going through significant health issues – We have worked hard over the past few months and it maybe our body and nature’s way of saying we need to rest! Wishing a speedy recovery soon!

being a support system

For those who are someone’s support system or are trying / unable to be one – It is time to realize that we do not get to control everything (or anything). Life happens and sometimes, all we can do is just to keep our eyes and ears open and react at the right time in the right way! That in itself becomes a challenge very many times! Forget about the past and future and just be in the present – taking it one hour or one day at a time! Rest will fall into place soon!

The number of times we check our whatsapp messages, emails, application portals, job portals, school messages, messages from colleagues, even facebook / youtube / tiktok posts is significantly high these days. Sort of like waiting for something to happen – the calm or anxiety before the storm!

All of the above are valid scenarios that one can potentially be going through! Choosing to be reactive and not proactive when we are anxious due to uncertain reasons helps! Let the status quo play out and only when there is a trigger that necessitates us to react, choose your reaction appropriately! Let the rest of the balls be in the air – it is fine. Focus on the next step – and next step alone!

For all those who can relate to this – remember, this too shall pass! Focus on something tangible, watch a movie or Netflix series or break down the chunks of work that require your attention and get it done! Paint or draw or talk to a friend – Vent your feelings out – it helps! Make sure you listen to their side of life as well in the process!

Dietary changes that can help

For those who are looking for dietary changes to address anxiety issues -> Read this

Let us go easy on ourselves and say, whatever we do today is enough!

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