Beautiful bridges around the world

When you think about a bridge, what is the bridge that comes to your mind? The ones that you traveled in a train or car, the sounds it made while crossing over water? There are many pleasant memories associated with bridges. Some like to admire it for its architectural beauty! Sharing what inspired me!

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge (Brasilia, Brazil)

Pic courtesy – Architectural digest

Are the circles / ellipses only for beauty or do they serve a purpose?

Saw this on a desktop wallpaper. Beautiful view of the arc like bridge seen with its reflection!

Under Repair - Rakotzbrucke, Kromlau Traveller Reviews - Tripadvisor
Rakotzbrucke, Kromlau

Is it a rollercoaster or a bridge?

The most beautiful bridges in the world | CN Traveller

A bridge in Japan, beautiful stone landings with curved walkways connecting the pillars. Would be wonderful to walk on them!

5 of Japan's Most Beautiful Bridges - Culture - Japan Travel
30 of the world's most beautiful bridges |

Some bridges are built to act as dams – like the one below!

Bridge & Dam Market | Nuttall Gear

Bridge in Paris

Here are 5 of the Most Beautiful Bridges in Paris - Paris Perfect

Henderson waves bridge (Singapore)

Henderson wave bridge in Singapore that runs through trees and foliage.
Picture courtesy – Architectural digest

Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Never realized there were places for pedestrians to sit and enjoy the views 🙂 Should try sometime!

brooklyn bridge with one world trade center and downtown manhattan in background

Tower Bridge, England

tower bridge on an overcast day in London

Wooden Chapel bridge, Switzerland

One of the ancient bridges.. makes me wonder how could wooden bridges last that long?

Ancient Covered Wooden Chapel Bridge Kapellbrucke And Water Tower  Wasserturm On The Background Of The Snow Covered Pilatus Mountain In The  Historic Center Of Lucerne At Sunset, Switzerland Stock Photo, Picture And

Train travel on bridges – Europe

Brings back so many fond memories of the

Most beautiful bridges in Europe - Europe's Best Destinations

It is definitely good to see these at least once, than reading about these multiple times. Maybe it is time for a vacation!

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