Chakras and Endocrine glands

In some of the previous posts, we discussed about Chakras in our body. Now, let us see how they connect to the various endocrine glands.

  1. Muladhara Chakra: Equivalent to the reproductive glands
    • Controls water and phosphorus content in our body. Controls production of sex hormones.
    • Proper working makes a person amiable, charming with good manners and agreeable words, they enjoy good health. Their disorder makes one selfish, envious, lustful and of an angry disposition.
  2. Swadhisthana Chakra: Endocrine glands controlling the excretory system
    • Heat and cold in the body controlled by the solar plexus seems to have a high control on the excretory system and kidneys and intestines. Controls Apan Vayu and so movement of stool and urine; also controls all organs below diaphragm
    • Constipation, Diarrhea, issues with any excretory system organs can be controlled by focusing on this
  3. Manipura Chakra: Equivalent to the Adrenal glands and Pancreas
    • Controls fire and production of digestive juices. Regulates blood and sugar levels, controls stress, activeness and character building. Also controls sodium and water balance
    • They intensify the flow of blood, help proper oxygenation and develop organising power – inspire to leadership.
    • Diseases like diabetes, mental fatigue, and anything related to stress are triggered / controlled by this.
  4. Anahat Chakra: Equivalent to the Thymus gland
    • Acts as a protective gland till child reaches puberty (12-15 years old)
    • Diseases like Thallasemia can occur if there are issues with the functioning of this gland
  5. Vishudha Chakra: Equivalent to the Thyroid / Parathyroid gland
    • Controls air whereby controlling lungs and heart, controls temperature regulation, governs energy production through control of calcium in the body
    • Calcium and Vitamin D make a huge difference in the overall well being (both physical and mental well being) and thyroid gland plays a crucial role in the the functioning of many endocrine glands
  6. Ajna Chakra: Equivalent to the Pituitary gland
    • Controls air and space. It is like the king of all glands; controls growth of body, brain power and memory
    • Meditation helps significantly to activate / control this. It sends orders to all other glands and ensures they are functioning well. Controls will power, sight, hearing, memory and rectifies the faults in the other glands
  7. Sahasra Chakra: Equivalent to the Pineal gland
    • Regulates water balance. Acts as a manager of all glands; controls cerebrospinal fluid and sex desires; stimulates growth of nerves
    • If these glands are on overdrive, it can lead to high blood pressure, sexual delinquency, excessive fluid retention, and low levels trigger excessive sweating of palms/soles even in cold weather.

I learned these from Dr. Devendra Vora when I faced multiple health challenges and it helped get me out of many critical health issues. One need not be a doctor, but understanding how our own body works and what we can do to help it self-heal and get rid of our own health issues before they become huge health concerns helps!

If you have multiple health issues and are trying to get out of it one by one and do not know where to start, you can use the tips below and adapt your routine from there!

  1. Regulate your dinner timings – finish dinner by 7 pm latest
  2. Go to sleep by 10 pm latest
  3. After waking up, drink a glass of water 8-10 oz before eating anything else
  4. Eat something (breakfast) within an hour of waking up
  5. Proceed with your day to day activities (or sleep and take rest)
  6. Post lunch watch a comedy movie/TV show – something that makes you laugh
  7. Do moderate activity (as much as your health permits)
  8. Listen to healing music of your choice. Recommended music videos
  9. Eat your Dinner and repeat the steps from #1 to #8

Changing your dinner and sleep timings and including laughing into your schedule regulates the endorphins in your body and triggers the body’s immune system to start the self-healing process. As you are finishing dinner by 7 pm, and going to sleep by 10 pm, it gives a break to the liver and digestive system while you are sleeping, so that the other endocrine glands get enough time to focus on fixing their issues towards self-healing. You will gain clarity to prioritize and fix your health issues one after the other. Meditation and sleep are two techniques to help our body in the self-healing process. Joining a medidation workshop (now these are even available online) helps!

Stay safe and healthy!

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