Conversations with ten year olds

During one of the classes for ten year olds, an interesting topic came up for discussion. Have you ever shirked any responsibility?

A group of 25 kids were attending a class and when this question was posed, their responses were very interesting 🙂

Have you shirked any responsibility?

Kid 1 – No. Never.

Kid 2 – Shaking his head left & right, I do what I am told to do.

Kid 3 – Does not completing homework count as shirking responsibility?

Kid 4 – Does not finishing my breakfast count?

Kid 5 – I find ways to have my younger sister do all the stuff my parents ask me to do!

Kid 6 – Are you trying to tell us the importance of completing our homework and submitting by tomorrow?

Kid 7 – I wish I had a younger sibling

Kid 8 – If no one notices, does it still count?

Kid 9 – I want to be like Tom sawyer. He made everyone else do the work

Kid 10 – Yes of course! All the time!

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By now, everyone got comfortable sharing the ways in which they shirked responsibilities and started sharing best practices with each other! Sharing some of what they shared!

  1. When someone asks you to do something, pretend as if you did not hear it
  2. Try to slip away from the place
  3. If you are not seen, they will forget they asked you and will do it themselves
  4. Say you thought they asked someone else to do – that always works
  5. Say you have lots of homework
  6. Pretend you are coming down with a flu
  7. Sometimes do what they ask, it helps get into their good side when you skip

Ended up laughing thinking about the innocent minds trying to conceive ideas to NOT do something and discussing it openly! If not anything else, it seemed to be helping improve their creativity!!!

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    1. Yes Sowmya. However, when someone asks we would not accept it so easily 🙂 These kids were ready to share their best practices and help others in front of a teacher! That was interesting to see..!

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