Dealing with Monday blues

Many a time, a good coffee does the trick of getting us out of Monday blues. Today was different!

Day started with me having to rush to the store to get some essentials – of course, it was coffee. On the way back, car dashboard with flashing maintenance required signs. Slowly, drove it back home carefully – phew!

Last day of tax filing and was on call to get all the details included, discussed, reviewed, confirmed and filed. Although it has been going on for a few weeks, the last day is the day when somehow everything works out – especially, when there is a third party involved. How much ever we plan, things are bound to have a setback.

Online classes started and needed to talk to parents, students, schedule & reschedule sessions. Got a call that the laptop that was given for servicing would take another 10 days to get fixed.

It is nice when we get to meet friends during weekdays. Those relationships are special. Those people are special 🙂 Met one such couple today. Wanted to make something nice for them and that ended up changing my attitude towards dealing with all the tensions today 🙂

I used to love cooking and call it my Zen zone!

Amidst a multitude of phone calls, wrote down the list of items I would like to prepare and serve for the couple and started getting to it one by one. No multi-tasking while making dishes today. Just pure & simple enjoyment of living-in-the-moment while making them. My mindset changed, my attitude changed, and I started feeling at peace while cooking and preparing the dishes. It reflected in my conversations on calls. The service representative whom I was talking to, suggested that they would share their personal device till they are able to fix mine 🙂 Of course, I refused. But, it felt nice.

We hold the choice to choose our actions, even when the days are not going as planned and instead of reacting badly to those instances, changing our actions to do something which calms us down helped me deal with a tough day in a very amicable manner.

I was setting the Dahi vada tray while on a long call and actually looked at it when the call ended.

Dahi Vada

Few things I learned today

  1. On challenging days, instead of just drinking coffee to wade through the day, try to include an activity that calms you down. It helps change your mood and retains the pleasantness in your mind & interactions.
  2. What used to take an hour to make, is starting to take longer – can relate to what my grand mother and mother in law used to say 🙂
  3. It is very easy to skip meals on a busy day. Carrying a bottle of water with you helps a great deal – and drinking it helps ensure you stay hydrated. If you are hard pressed for time, eating a fruit or yoghurt helps as well.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Monday blues

    1. Yes Veena… we all multitask and figure out our Zen zones amidst the same… 🙂 music truly has a healing effect!

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